Compulsive Eating = Form of Rebellion?

compulsive eatingOn my health and fitness journey, I’ve discovered that I rebel against rules and restrictions surrounding food at times in my life.  I basically have a feeling of entitlement.  I want, what I want, when I want it pretty much!  Whether it’s good for me or not is irrelevant.  I don’t like feeling deprived.  That’s the honest truth and I know I’m not alone and that’s why I’m writing this post today.

What I’ve recently learned though, that has now changed my way of thinking is this…

If God’s desire is for me to be strong and healthy (which I’m confident it is) and I have a rebellious heart, then I’m directly rebelling against God and His will for my life.  Whoa!  Not what I want to do…nor can I ignore it now that it was brought to my attention.

Gosh…now what?  I’ve tried before, and I’m just not strong enough to fight off the temptations and thoughts of entitlement!  Don’t worry…

Thankfully we are not alone in this journey.

I was also reminded that God is with me, and at my word of request, He will help me overcome my struggle with food as well as my self-doubt.  He will do the same for you!

From this day forward, I will view healthy food as a blessing and give thanks for it.   For I know, this food is the key to reaching my goal weight!  I will also look through God’s lens of love and acceptance of myself rather than through my own negative view and criticism.  I also realize that just because I’m a Team Beachbody Coach, I’m human and struggle too.  I need to reach out to my own support groups that I lead and share those weaknesses.  Thank you God for reminding me to reach out to others for help when needed.  That’s why we are “Team” Beachbody!  Love that! <3

If this helped you in anyway or if you could relate, please let me know by commenting below.