My Recent Health Update

Health UpdateSo I finally am getting to the root of my “back” pain.  After years of chiro, acupuncture, physio, osteopath, massage and drugs,  I finally got X-rays taken and received the results from my NEW Chiropractor last night.   My husband, Rodney and I  received a full explanation of my condition.   It’s going to take quite a while to correct.  …He said this injury has been undetected for more than 30 years (he could tell from the wear on my neck bones)  and then I asked if it could have started when I was struck by the swing in my forehead 40 years ago and he said, yes that kind of blow would have triggered it and my fall off the deck steps 2 years ago, would have jarred it enough to cause the symptoms (chronic sciatica pain) to then appear and not go away fully….leading to recent pain symptoms.  My on again/off again pain over the years was typical with this kind of condition as well as my on again/off again migraines.
I will be in treatment for the next few months (3 times a week for one month then 2 times a week for another month) and then he will review and see if that will need to be continued for another month or if I will be able to go into maintenance mode once per week. I’ve set my appointments for 7 AM (M, W, F)  He said my condition was quite “Serious” as it is affecting the worse part of the spine…the very top two bones…choking the spinal cord at the very top, affecting all parts of my body, including all my vital organs. Therefore until it moves enough….I need to be diligent in what I do and how I do it….including how I sleep (no longer on my stomach).  My neck has been bothering me last night and today….but my back is feeling better!
For the moment, forward bending and lifting heavy is not recommended as it places too much pressure on my neck, nor am I allowed to bend my neck back to look up.  He said I could begin to workout, but to be smart about it.
I have mixed feelings today…but feel very loved and surrounded in God’s healing hands.  Trying not be be bitter…but thankful.  God knows best and His timing is ALWAYS better even if we don’t fully understand.   Praise the Lord!  I AM Thankful that I am on the road to FULL recovery….FINALLY! 
To those who have known my suffering lately, thanks for your prayers and words encouragement.
I’m excited that I now have a diagnosis and that I will be healed and back to feeling like myself again.  Able to workout fully and function in life like I want to!    Praise God!  🙂