Drinking Water Schedule

Drinking Enough Water

My Buddy Casey and his sweet daughter Addison, drinking their water and staying hydrated. 🙂

You already know that you should drink more water, but this is an area of struggle for you obviously or you wouldn’t have found my page on the internet….

I often get asked by my customers, “HOW MUCH water should I drink?” and “HOW do I fit it all into one day?”.   I will share what works for me.  I didn’t do this overnight … It definitely was a struggle at first as I was not a water drinker, but I increased my goal by 8 oz every few days as it got easier and now I get the required amount in daily most days (still not perfect…but a HUGE improvement).  Woo Hoo! 🙂

HOW MUCH WATER SHOULD YOU DRINK?:  The formula is easy… Take your weight and divide it by 2.  Your answer equals the amount you need to drink in ounces.

Note:  If you’re a tea drinker and it’s herbal and the decaf type, you can count that towards your daily ounce total.  Yay!   Shakeology or post-workout drinks are not included but are additional fluids, which is completely fine.

An example would look like this:  160 pounds/2 = 80 ounces per day (2500 ml or 5 water bottles)

(FYI…. 16 ounces = 500 ml)

 WHEN to drink your water:

Since water goes into your stomach along with food, it’s not a good idea to drink a lot with meals because it will dilute the digestive juices and cause constipation.  Something you truly want to avoid!  You do want to feel satisfied to keep from over-eating, so it makes sense to drink water about 20 minutes before consuming any food.

I drink my water mostly IN BETWEEN my meals.   You may want to do that too!

In general, this is what my day looks like this:


8 ounces upon rising (I keep a water bottle on my nightstand)

16 ounces during my workout

8 ounces to mix my post workout drink with

16 ounces before lunch

16 ounces before 3 PM

8 ounces before 6 PM

8 ounces before 8 PM

TOTAL – 80 oz.  🙂

SET APPOINTMENT REMINDERS on your cell phone to notify you to DRINK your water!  Or use an app like… “Water Your Body”.  Now listen closely… Make sure to drink it then and there!  Otherwise, life will get in your way and next thing you’ll know your next reminder will go off and you’ll get frustrated with yourself.  So when your reminder goes off….stop what you’re doing, don’t say, “I know…just a minute”, and just go ahead and Drink your water!

It’s what’s been working for me and it’s AMAZING how much better I feel when I get all my water in for the day!  My customers have reported back that it’s helping their progress and overall health as well.

Try this Drinking Water Schedule for a week and let me know how you’re doing.

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