Are You Dwelling on Your Past Failures?

kids-177431_640Do you still worry about things that have happened in the past?  Do you compare yourself to your younger self?

Do you find yourself saying…

“If only I had…”

“I should’ve…”

” I wish I could go back in time and change…”

Well, The past is history….

The future’s a mystery….

Live in the present…each day is a gift!

I got some great advice from a women the other day who said, “God puts our sins in His lake of love and puts up a ‘NO FISHING’ SIGN.  If any old thoughts of failures surface in your mind, picture yourself tying a rock to each offence and throw it back into the huge, blue lack and watch it sink.  Remind yourself that they are gone for good!”

I love that visual and it was a good reminder for me and I hope it is for you too! 🙂